Elizabeth Jacobs

USCIS Senior Advisor to the Chief Counsel, Former Senior Government Relations Manager at FAIR

Jacobs serves as a senior advisor for USCIS, where she works alongside her former colleague at FAIR, Robert Law, to restrict immigration as much as possible. Before joining the Trump Administration, Jacobs worked in the government relations department at FAIR where she set the policy agenda for the organization and lobbied Congress on hardline immigration policies like massive reductions to legal immigration, the repeal of DACA, and harsh interior enforcement policies.

  • Prior to joining the Trump Administration, the Senior Advisor for USCIS served as FAIR’s Government Relations Manager under the leadership of Julie Kirchner.
  • According to an archived FAIR staff page, Jacobs, who joined FAIR in 2012, was responsible for reviewing legislation and regulations, building and maintaining relationships with members of Congress, and lobbying Congress on harsh immigration policies such as the repeal of DACA. Before moving to the Government Relations team, Jacobs assisted state and local legislators in the drafting of draconian interior enforcement measures.
  • In 2014, Jacobs spoke at a border tour for sheriffs organized by FAIR, along with a CIS staffer.
  • Following the Trump Administration’s decision to terminate TPS for El Salvador, Jacobs and FAIR President Dan Stein went on the group’s podcast to scoff at the time afforded to individuals to pack up their lives and leave the U.S. Jacobs characterized it as “kicking the can down the road.”
  • According to lobbying disclosure paperwork filed by FAIR, Jacobs lobbied Congress on many immigration issues, including DACA.
  • In a policy paper published in November 2016, FAIR (Jacob’s employer at the time) urged the incoming Trump Administration to: “immediately revoke the orders authorizing the DACA, DACA+ and DAPA schemes; and revoke all work, identity, and immigration status documents issued pursuant thereto. These unconstitutional programs reward illegal aliens and encourage additional illegal immigration.”
  • In January of 2018, Jacobs joined FAIR leader Dan Stein on a FAIR podcast to discuss the termination of TPS for El Salvador. Jacobs told Stein, “While we applaud their decision to terminate the program, we don’t think it’s in the interest of American citizens to continue to extend it.”