Center for New Community

About Western States Center

Based in the Pacific Northwest and Mountain States, we work nationwide to strengthen inclusive democracy. For 30 years, our work has advanced social, racial, and economic justice by convening, developing, organizing, and supporting the communities most affected by inequities. We’ve played a catalytic role, working with community partners to build people-centered movements, develop new leaders, and shift culture – with our eyes on the prize of an inclusive democracy where people can live, love, and work free from fear.

There are four pillars of our work:

Building Movement

We strengthen the organizing capacity of often-marginalized communities, with a particular emphasis on gender justice, racial justice, and tribal sovereignty work.

Developing Leaders

We provide training, leadership development, and organizational capacity support to social movements and leaders committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Shifting Culture

We convene culture-makers to shift the narrative and use culture as a vehicle for base-and power-building in non-traditional social change spaces.

Defending Democracy

We assist communities and civil society to uphold the rule of law by effectively responding to social movements that exploit bigotry and intolerance.